Keep going!

I have every intention of maintaining this blog in a nice regular way. And yet today I find myself faced with total apathy and no motivation whatsoever.

I really struggle with motivation. Tomorrow I’m supposed to help at the Fresher’s Fair with the fencing stall. I really don’t feel like going. The fact that we’ve just been told to meet at 9 am with no further instruction isn’t helping. My schedule lately has been more ‘sleep from 4am til 1pm’ which isn’t good but there we go.

Also if it’s going on all day surely we don’t need 20 people to rock up at 9? There won’t be enough for everyone to do. Would shift work not be better? I suppose I should be saying this to them but there’s already enough cooks wading around in that broth without me jumping in.

I’d like to justify my apathy partly by saying I do actually have a cold and feel pretty rough. My limbs feel all weak and I feel a bit spacey. Also I’m too damn introspective. I suppose I wouldn’t be doing this blog if I weren’t. Eesh.


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