Masquerade, paper faces on parade…

I went out for Hallowe’en tonight. I really like Hallowe’en.

I never used to. We never acknowledged it in my house when I was growing up. I think because it was less known in Britain then and people only heard about the concept of celebrating scary things or evil things and so they rejected it. It’s gradually crept into public acceptance now though and I guess most kids will go trick or treating at least once in their lives.

I actually did go once.  A new girl had joined our school; her dad was a pilot and they’d been living in Hawaii. I bet rainy old Britain, although her original homeland, was a bit of a after that. Anyway, she had, of course, celebrated Hallowe’en all her life so she decided to throw a party to show us all how it was done. And it was done AWESOMELY. She had a pinata, a haunted house with different games and challenges, strange and wonderful American sweets and then we all trick or treated around the neighbourhood. To a bunch of Brit kids this was all very exotic. I don’t think I’d ever seen a pinata in reality before that night!

Of course we all dressed up as well. Me being me (and never quite managing to get the hang of whatever it was that teenage girls were meant to do); I decided to go as Anakin Skywalker. Because I really fancied him. See: half girly, half Star Wars fan supergeek.

My grandma made me a fantastic costume. She’s always been excellent at stuff like that. All I have to do is show her a couple of photos from a movie or whatever and she will whip up a fabulous, detailed outfit in a few days. Bloody incredible.

Which brings me nicely back to the present: this year I went non-specific. I went as: Vampire Masquerade Ball Lady. I would like to state here and now: I looked brilliant.

I need to cut back on my colon usage. Tis getting ridiculous. I really enjoy colons and their pal the semi-colon though.

Anyway. I had two reasons for my costume.

1. A year ago I bought a gorgeous, full-length, gold evening gown for £9, down from at least £60. I knew I didn’t need it but I JUST COULDN’T LEAVE IT THERE. And I didn’t need it because I never go to places where that attire is appropriate. More’s the pity. Despite spending a lot of time in the past year trying to convince my friends to attend a masked ball or, at the very least, a white-tie event, I still hadn’t had a chance to wear it!

2. I also owned a very beautiful genuine Venetian mask. I’d packed it away for a while as my ex-housemate and ex-best friend had given it to me shortly before our lives together imploded and I felt too awkward and annoyed to look at it. We recently got back on speaking terms though so I felt much better about it. It also went perfectly with the dress and so I knew that I had to make this year’s outfit out of the two.

I added some fangs, glizty jewellery, a lace fan and a snazzy up-do (so pleased with that: I never put my hair up) and I was away. Well. After adding some nipple-covers cos I couldn’t wear a bra with the backless dress, I was away.

When it was time to take the mask off at the end of the night I really didn’t want to. It was oddly comfortable. My face felt absolutely naked without it. It just felt wrong.

And I guess the point I’ve come to in a roundabout way is that one can become used to almost anything, often much quicker than you would ever think. Even something you would expect to be challenging and uncomfortable to deal with.


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