I just published this without a title. I didn’t know you could do that. I didn’t like it.

So this blog has been on a brief hiatus due to the most fearsome cold I have had in a very long time. I’ve coughed some much my stomach hurts. It’s beyond ridiculous.

On the plus side I recently acquired a job. So that’s good. I was off my head on cold medication when I went for the interview last Saturday so I was pretty surprised I hadn’t buggered it up in some bizarre and frightening way.

It’s a ‘for now’ job, something to earn me a bit of money while I work on wider plans, career stuff and so on. It’s in a clothes shop, which is kind of unexpected really. But I think it’s better than me trying to do an office job again. Now that was a bad time.

One of the questions in the interview was ‘What trends do you think are ‘in’ at the moment?’ That does happen to be something I kinda know about. I don’t think you’d expect it if you knew me but I find it amusing to be able to go ‘Cupcakes? So over. It’s whoopie pies now people’. Even if I just think this in my head ’cause no-one ever really seems to raise the concept of cupcakes being in or not with me. Whatever. I amuse myself.

Anyway, my interest in this shizzle fluctuates. So when he asked, I couldn’t think of a single thing that was in. My (male) friends had suggested this would be a question and proceeded to do comedic impersonations of my potential answers – during this time of mocking I did shout ‘METALLICS ARE IN. PROBABLY.’

This was the only thing that popped into my head. I said it. He looked at me expectantly. ‘And… deep colours, now it’s autumn, things like SIENNA’ He nodded, looking pleased. I felt a bit more confident and opened my mouth again ‘And for men I’ve being seeing a lot of…’ A lot of what brain? Trousers? Shoes? And then into my head popped an image: before the interview I sat in men’s shoes, waiting (and I mean the department, not that I was wearing men’s shoes or that I had found a giant pair and climbed inside) and happened to glance around at the clothes. For a split second I saw a tweed jacket with leather patches.

‘I’ve been seeing a lot of tweed and leather!’ I finished triumphantly. He nodded some more and made agree-ey noises. I don’t know whether he liked what I was saying or whether he just wanted me to shut up. Maybe he thinks I’m a fashion genius.

Either way: I got the job. Now all I want to know is whether leather and tweed really is in for men this season?


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