I take the plunge and return

Hello (shouting into the vastness of the internet, who knows if this will be heard?)!

I’m back. I am sooooooo bad at maintaining things like this! But I have to keep trying to improve.

This time I’m back because I’m finally dealing with my issues and in a round-about way, this is connected. This is my homework – writing, that is. So I thought this would be a good place to start.

A lot has happened since I last blogged. I’ve just spent a few minutes reading through all of my old entries (yeah, it didn’t take long). In summary this blog has been haphazard but I did make myself laugh! So at least someone’s laughing.

I hardly know where to begin now. I think I want to improve the blog. I need a snazzy design and more memorable (and spellable) name… and I need a THING. A BIT. Or something.

I wonder if I should start a whole new blog and leave this where it lies? For ‘Crimineaux’ is it’s name now and will that name ever catch on? People can’t say it, people can’t spell it, it’s not even a real word. Hmm.

For now I’ll just keep writing though. Writing and writing because writing is it’s own medicine. As are most creative things for me. I went away from that and I don’t think it did me any good. SO I must do it again! Here goes….