The much more fun world of boys

Although I don’t suppose ‘boys’ is right any more as we are all MID-TWENTIES now. I don’t know how that happened.

Anyway. Back in the before, I’d mentioned my ex, I’d mentioned my FWB, I’d mentioned my awkward, awkward date (though I never did follow through with what happened on the date).

Well, one of these people is now my boyfriend… and it’s the FWB! 10 points if you guessed that (if you want to keep score, it’s 10 points every time you see a nun and you win if you see the pope. Insta-win. Cos he’s the hardest to spot of course.)*

This is something I probably won’t blog much about because for me this is personal and private. I wanted to mention him and I’m sure he’ll feature in general stories.       We started dating for real in January and… well. It’s good. 😀

I guess this is a short series of the main updates of my life in the 6 months that has zoomed by while the blog hibernated!

*This is a game my family and I would play when on holiday (for some reason there are more nuns on holiday) and it amused me immensely. It has no religious basis although I suppose onloookers could have thought that our utter delight when seeing members of the clergy etc stemmed from a religious rapture.


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