I just got excited because I had a ‘view’ today. Then I realised it was me.

Also WordPress has just wished me a happy anniversary. This would be more acheivement-y if I’d written more than 12 blog posts in a whole year and committed to the darn thing for longer than a month at a time.

Ah well. Keep ploughing on. And, may I add, it is a battle these days: I got drunk at the weekend and spilled Malibu all over my laptop. Though I removed the keys and cleaned it, I think I did it wrong. It’s really hard to push the keys down now. Typing is literally a lot of effort. Like, my fingers are kinda tired right now.

Anyway. I was off work today cos I felt TOO ILL. Some sorta stomach bug… it wasn’t pleasant. Sitting here on the sofa all day was nice though. I watched ‘This Is The End’ with James Franco (in that he was in it, not that he was here, alas. I was gonna have a Franco Marathon but my attention span is not long enough. Plus ‘Your Highness’ was stupid).

I’ve lost the thread now. I’m just really envious of James Franco – he’s SO BUSY. He acts, directs, does art, writes books, goes to college, TEACHES at college.

I struggle to get out of bed in the mornings and he’s out there achieving all this STUFF. Dammit Franco. And he’s off his head on pot most of the time* – how does he still manage to achieve?

He also seems really nice. I mean, I don’t know him, but he comes across as a nice guy in interviews and stuff. I no longer know if I want to BE him or DO him, I’ve become confused.

NO idea what my point was here. Something about JF. (Also he once made a movie of my FAVOURITE King Arthur legend. AND another movie about my FAVOURITE actor.)

I saw his film ‘Flyboys’, about pilots in the war, with a friend and when we came out she asked ‘So. Which ones were the planes?’ If you can’t tell the difference between James Franco and a plan then, dude, you got a problem.

Gonna stop writing now. Don’t usually fangirl all over the internet, I’ve disturbed myself. Whether to click ‘post’ or ‘delete’ is now the only question.

*Is that libel? If it is, I just wanna say that that’s a GUESS and a JOKE. I have no idea if he does pot. Except that he totally looks like he does. But maybe that’s just his face. And his voice. Whatever.


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